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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC,                   13

view. of the valley of Fontainebleau;   supped with
the Mar6chal de Segur,

December 26th. I have spent a week in Paris
and had some pleasant reunions. A splendid
dinner at Laborde's (Garde du tresor), with much
company. The most recherchee chere I ever saw.
I was introduced by the Duke of Dorset to the
Mar6chal de Noailles* An evening at Madame de
la Marck's, whose apartments at the Tuileries are

February 6th, 1787. Went to Paris; spent the
day at Abb6 Tersan's consulting books on gardening
and looking over prints.

jth. To Versailles for the Queen's ball The
salle de bal is very elegantly fitted up, but the
colonnade is massive and gloomy; it hides the
boxes and company too much. The area for
dancing is too low and the dancers are seen to
great disadvantage. The men were plainly dressed;
some even appeared in mourning. All that danced
wore large hats with white plumes, very unbecoming.
The assembly was full, but by no means brilliant in
dress; indeed, the ladies who did not dance seemed
to me quite en deshabille*

The King walked about and talked to several
people, without ever sitting down. The Queen
played at trictrac in the ball-room. There was no